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Epoxy Accelerator DMP-30

1、Product introduction:

(1)CAS No.:90-72-2

Properties: Yellow viscous liquid. Boiling point is 250℃, 130~135℃ (133Pa). Soluble in alcohol, benzene, acetone and cold water, slightly soluble in hot water.


This product can be used in organic synthesis. It can be used as an accelerator for curing agents such as polyamide, modified aliphatic amine, polythiol and alicyclic amine. It is widely used in the fields of anti-corrosion coatings, pouring floor concrete protection and adhesives; it can be used as epoxy adhesives and laminate materials And floor sealant, acid neutralizer and polyurethane catalyst (ie trimerization catalyst). Used with epoxy resin curing agent to speed up the curing speed of epoxy resin and increase the strength of cured product.

(3)Instructions: Generally add 5-15% of the amount of curing agent, the larger the amount added, the faster the curing, and the hardness of the cured product increases (increased brittleness).

2、Quality specifications:


Light yellow transparent liquid



Amine value(mgKOH/g)


Viscosity(mPa.s 25)


3、Packaging, storage and transportation:

(1)  200kg in plastic drum.

(2)  Stored in a dry and ventilated place, sealed, and the storage period is one year (under normal temperature).

(3)  High temperature, sun and rain are strictly prohibited during transportation.